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A Jeweled Menagerie, Part I

January 25, 2017November 16, 2017No comments

Renowned jewelry designer, Temple St. Clair, recently released her third and final installment in a series of jewelry collections based on studies of various groups of animals. 

The first collection, “Mythical Creatures,” focused on the creatures found in fairy tales and other lore. The second, “Wings of Desire,” focused on various kinds of birds and flying creatures. This final collection, “The Big Game,” focuses on animals who are endangered or on the edge of extinction.

St. Clair explains “The Big Game” collection thus:

“The fight for life by one creature or another rarely affects the daily lives of most of us, and we will scarcely notice if one day there are no more panthers or rhinos, but we proceed at our own peril. This collection of jewels represents the big game that we play, and the gamble that we take, if we do not pay attention to the state of the beings with whom we share the planet.”

Now that St. Clair’s series is complete, she has released a book called The Golden Menagerie featuring pictures of each one-of-a-kind piece and her original watercolor sketches.

“In creating the work that I do, my ambition is that it is work for the ages, not for the moment, to be consumed and forgotten.” -St. Clair


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