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40-Love: Jewelry on the Tennis Court

August 17, 2016November 30, 2017No comments

It is an exciting summer for tennis–starting with Wimbledon in late June, the Olympic games currently going on in Rio, and the U.S. Open coming up in a few weeks. And perhaps no other sport provides as good a platform for fashion and fine jewelry. Tennis can even (infamously) claim the credit for naming an entire type of jewelry–the tennis bracelet.


Before the 1980s, diamond infinity bracelets were simply called “eternity bracelets”. They were especially popular in the 1920\’s when the fashion was to stack multiple bracelets together. Then, during a now iconic U.S. Open match, tennis champion Chris Evert asked officials to stop the game so she could search for her diamond bracelet which had come unclasped and fallen onto the court. Thankfully, she found it, and evermore they have been called tennis bracelets, worn by sportswomen and non-sportswomen alike.


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