Unforgettable Moments

The Unforgettable Moments page is a place where we can brag about our amazing clients! If you have had an Unforgettable Moment and would like your picture posted on our site, please send it to bill@unforgettable-jewelry.com

Ryan and Megan- UM1

Robert and Brooke- UM2

Ethan and Stephanie-UM2 Ethan and Stephanie-UM1.2

Todd and Lauren-UM1Todd and Lauren-UM2

Chris and Laura- UM2

Derek and Lindsay- UM1

Dan and Caitlyn- UM1

Wade and Annie- UM1

Jonathan and Sarah Anne- UM1Jonathan and Sarah Anne- UM2

Josh and LaRhonda- UM1

Joe and Jessica- UM1

Charlie and Suzanne- UM1










James and Leanne- UM1
















Dustin and Michelle- UM1 Dustin and Michelle- UM2

Brandon and Emmy- UM1

 Kevin and Melody- UM2 Kevin and Melody- UM1

Erick and Amy- UM1 Erick and Amy- UM2

Andrew and Brooke- UM1

Rich and Brooke- UM1

Miles and Kate UM 2 Miles and Kate UM 1

Michael and Whitney- UM1 Michael and Whitney- UM2

Patrick and Haley 1 Patrick and Haley 2

Rick and Kristina- UM1

Roosevelt and Fredricka- UM1

Eric and Cindy- UM1

Dexter- UM1

Jeremy and Hayden- UM2 Jeremy and Hayden- UM3


Vicki and Robin- UM1

Ansel and McKenzie- UM1

Brian and Jessica- UM1 Brian and Jessica- UM2

Don and Elizabeth- UM1

Aaron and Lee- UM1

Andrew and Lenza- UM1 Andrew and Lenza- UM2

Andrew and Julia- UM1

Brett and Jenny- UM1

Brent and Kelly- UM1 Brent and Kelly- UM2

Matt and Andrea- UM1

Patrick and Shelby- UM1

Kevin and Laurel- UM1

Justin and Vanessa- UM1 Justin and Vanessa- UM2

Orion UM-1 Orion UM-2

Robert and Christen- UM1

David and Lauren- UM1

Caleb-Scott and Ashley- UM1

Evan and Amy- UM1 Evan and Amy- UM2

Kirk and Meredith- UM1

Bob and Michelle- UM1

Shea and Kelcey- UM1

Michael and Marissa- UM1

Rich and Anna- UM1

Kelley and Meagan- UM1

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