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To set the scene, my name is Jacob Watson and I am a soldier in the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Also, duly noted, I am in love with a gift from God. Most days while at base, I am involved with training events. The days are long and the people become somewhat irritable and distressed; however, as we all are aware, the rewards of serving our country while networking and building friendships under stress is worth it. The problem is the time. I am busy all day and have no time to myself. The only time that I receive for myself is when I convince my Colonel that a “Jacob Watson run” is needed and necessary. And, when he obliges to my request, I take advantage of it. When I go for a run, I exit Fort Jackson and enter into the city by way of Forest Drive. The runs are comforting to me and allow me to meditate on the Word. The only time that the run is cumbersome and discomforting is when the South Carolinian sun flares up and the humidity swallows me whole. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and am used to the heat, but the heat on the East Coast is different. As a matter of fact, it is difficult for me to finish the runs in a timely manner without the help given by a thought of Katie (the gift from God). I believe that she is the loveliest woman to grace this planet. After the three years of dating, I still cannot get enough of her, and the mere thought of her gives me strength and courage. So, with the reflection of her on the forefront of my mind, I push through my long runs to get back to Fort Jackson in time to call home.

During the middle part of March, on a particularly smoldering day in Columbia, I went on an extended, not-so-normal, run. This run will soon become the grandest run of them all! I zoomed by 4-way stops; I took hills with charge; and I even found myself jumping over traffic cones. However, as I moved from one end of the town to the other, my inspiration and motivation left me. Although tooled with a plethora of music on my iPod, my legs tightened as stiff as a board and my sun burn became unbearable. I could not stop running because of the strict time constraints placed on me. I wanted to stop, and almost stopped, if it was not for a particular song by Brad Paisley — She’s Everything. It made me think of her: Katie. Energized and empowered, I started to speed up! I started to move much faster. My senses heightened, I noticed all the glorious displays of flowers blooming to the left and right of the sidewalks. I passed all sorts of Columbia highlights: USC’s campus, Cool Beans Coffee, and then after passing the notorious area called Five-Points, I found myself next to a store offering a wonderful selection of diamond engagement rings called Unforgettable. I initially passed it, but with Mr. Paisley’s song on repeat and the thoughts of Katie, I turned around and went inside the jewelry store. A man by the name of Bill met me at the door.

He peered at me with great respect, and he did not slice me apart due to my appearance of sweat laden shorts and a ragged running shirt. He asked me questions. He wanted to know about me and my life. He engaged conversation, so much so, that an hour went by before we glanced at rings. Yes, rings. I never thought a normal day of running would lead to purchasing an engagement ring, but it did.  I just could not pass the ideal ring for Katie. I purchased a ring for the love of my life to symbolize our eternal love bound by trust.

Thank you,

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Bill HriskoBill Hrisko graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Human Resource Management and a Minor in Retail. He then attended The Citadel where he obtained his Masters of Business Administration. Through GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Bill has completed numerous classes in grading and appraising colored stones and diamonds and has obtained the following designations: Accredited Jewelry Profession (AJP) and Graduate in Diamonds. Bill and his wife Stephanie opened Unforgettable in 2008.View all posts by Bill Hrisko

  1. Stacy Mossor
    Stacy Mossor04-30-2010

    That is so sweet, I just cried. So happy for y’all, congratulations!!!

  2. Selma Jones
    Selma Jones05-11-2010

    What a great story! Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing Jacob!

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